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January 23, 2013
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~You drive me crazy~

You heard a crash from the kitchen. Oh great... You thought.

"Hey, ___!" You hear your boyfriend shout from where the sound came from.

"Don't tell me you broke something!" You shouted back.

It went quiet for a moment, then you heard him nervously call, "T-totally not! Heh..."

You sighed, getting up and walking to the kitchen, peering in. There you saw America sitting on the counter, a bunch of glass on the floor below him. You put your hands on your hips, glaring at him.

"You're never allowed in the kitchen again." You stated.

"But ___!" He whined, "I was getting some coke and it just fell!"

You gave him a look, making him speak up again, "Ok fine, I accidentally hit it when I turned around!"

You smiled at his innocence, then noticed his hand was bleeding. "You tried picking it up, didn't you?"

"Shut up..." He said, looking at his hand.

You jumped up on the counter in the middle of the kitchen to avoid stepping on glass, moving over to the other counter connected to the sink to sit by America.

"Let me see." You said, holding out your hand.

Reluctantly, he carefully placed his hand, palm up, on yours. You huffed, he'd cut it pretty bad.

"Oh America, why can't you be more careful?" You asked, thinking he wouldn't give a good answer.

"Because, it's one of the best ways to get your attention while also getting to throw wind to caution!" He said proudly.

"It's throwing caution to the wind, America..." You giggled.

"Whatever! Can you help me stop bleeding or what?"

"Geez, don't need to be so aggressive. Let me finish what you failed to do and clean up the floor, alright? I'll be back in two seconds."

"Where've I heard that before..." America smirked.

You froze, blushing. The day you two became a couple, He had said the same thing.

The power had gone out, and America was going to get light. At the time, you were deathly afraid of the dark.
"Calm down, babe, I just need to grab the candle from the bathroom," you released him when he called you that name again, "I'll be back in two seconds."

"I-I'll be right back." You said, crawling back over to the other counter and jumping off to grab a broom.

Soon enough you'd cleaned up the mess and told America to make sure no glass was in his hand. You, of course, double checked for the clumsy teen, then started cleaning it with soap and warm water.

"Ouch! ___, that hurts!" He winced.

"Oh don't be such a big baby!" You huffed.

After a few moments you decided to start bandaging it,wrapping it tight. Of course, America complained the whole time, but what else could you expect.

"There, done!" You said proudly, admiring your 'healing' skills.

America kissed your cheek with a happy 'thanks'. You hugged him tight, noticing something.



"Mind telling me why your arm is bleeding?"

"...I slipped earlier too..."

"You drive me crazy..." You said, getting to work on his damaged arm.

~~Time skip yaaay~~

It was late, you and America had decided to play video games for a while before bed. Of course you were beating him, you having the amazing skills of a professional ninja assassin- at least, you did in the game. America was starting to get irritated, yelling curse words every time you killed him or got a higher score than him, (which was every time). Soon enough he dropped his controller onto the ground, crossing his arms.

"You're totally cheating! That's not freaking fair, man!" He said unhappily.

"I'm not cheating- you just suck at this game!" You laughed, thinking his little fit was cute.

"I do not!" He said, glaring at you. "I can prove it! If I win the next round, you have to... You have to sleep in bed with me!" He smirked.

Though you've been dating for about two months, you never actually liked the thought of sleeping in bed with America. The couch or floor was fine, but bed? Sure, it was alright when you were kids and didn't have crazy hormones, but now that you two were teens and dating, you were very reluctant and shot America down every time he asked, which of course was a lot. He never wanted to get to intimate though, you knew he wouldn't do that to you, but you were still nervous.

"You're on! No way you'll win!" You said after thinking it over. You'd beaten him over twenty times in a row already, how could your winning streak just end?

You regretted thinking that. Somehow America won, by an amazing amount.

"You so cheated somehow!" You yelped.

"Did not! And you know it!" He smiled.

You gave an unhappy huff, suddenly turning nervous.

"You weren't serious about the bet, right...?" You asked quietly.

"I totally was! And I won! You know I wouldn't try anything, babe, I'm not like that!" He said, pulling you in for a tight hug.

"If you do try anything, I'll call Arthur and France." You threatened, knowing he hated both of them.

America simply laughed, letting you know he wouldn't get intimate. He nuzzled his face into your neck, making you giggle. He could be so cute sometimes. He kissed your neck lightly and pulled away, giving a hopeful look.

"Can we go to bed now???" America said, thinking your blushing was absolutely adorable.

"B-but it's only Eleven... And the game-" He cut you off by laughing and shutting the game off, leaving the room dark, but not pitch black.
Good thing ever since we started dating I have'nt been afraid of the dark... You thought.

America picked you up, taking you to his room. He set you on the bed and crawled over you, laying down on the other side. He hugged you tight, kissing your cheek. You giggled, taking his glasses off and putting them on the night stand.

"___..." America said a little quietly.

"Yeah America?"

"I love you, babe..." He smiled, pressing his forehead gently to yours.

"I love you too..."

~...In a good way~
Part two =D I have a lot of fun writing these =3 I hope you enjoy!
~Sorry this one's so short by the way ;w; the next two will be longer and better, yeah ^^~

Part one- [link]
Part two- You're here~
Part three- Warning; Lemon! [link]
Part four- [link]
Part five (FINAL)- [link]

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story (c) me
You (c) :iconsexyamericaplz:
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Mochi-Bounce Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
is it just me or England was the only person being called by his human name? xD 
By the way love it so far~
CrazyHetaliaLover13 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I was about to go to part three when I went, 'Wait, lemon? Eh...' Then I went, 'Wait, WHAT?' Oh, life. You have made me insane.
Gravityfallsgoddess Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
as soon as i finished reading this my internet stopped working and i had to wait like 3 HOURS to post this comment: sure Alfred. Suuuuuuuuure you won't try anything. :iconamericarapefaceplz:
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Love it :)
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"I won't try anything!" Uh huh, suuurreee...that's why the next story is a lemon.
furchild1204 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
"I won't try anything!" And the next chapter is a lemon. Suuuuuure, Alfred. I totally believe you.
HetaliaLover266 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Totally... I knew it, CALLED IT XD
FrostyChica Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
My thoughts exactly dude.
Melodygirl74 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
if only that would happen to me one day
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This will easily be a lemon *frances rape face* this will be fun
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