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January 23, 2013
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~Once a hero...~

"Americaaaaa, where are we goiiiing?" You whined at the blonde.

He simply laughed, continuing to pull you through the streets. Eventually he stopped, looking at a road that went off into the dirt, which led to some trees. He smiled brightly, staring off in that direction. At this point you just thought he was plain crazy.

"That'll be where we go!" He stated as if you had any idea what he was talking about.

"Go... For what?" You were looking at him as if he were an alien from some weird planet far far away.

"Oh nothing, only for one of the best moments of my life!" He laughed happily, then pulled you away again.
What the hell does that mean??? You thought to yourself. Remembering this was America, you decided to shrug it off.  

Later on you both found yourself at a restraunt, and no, it wasn't Mc Donalds. It was an actual fancy restraunt. All day America had been acting weird, you couldn't figure out why.

~~Earlier that morning~~

"___, babe, come on wake up!" America said excitedly, kissing your forehead.

"America- what the hell? It's only ten in the morning! You're never up this early!" You groaned, feeling exhausted.

"We've got fun stuff to do today, it's going to be totally awesome; wake uuuup!" He pestered.


America was acting like the whole day was normal. But for some reason you felt like he was being a little more romantic today. You wished you knew what had gotten into the normally 'annoying' and more indoors-y guy all of a sudden.

"__! Are you even listening, man?" America said, snapping you away from your thoughts.

"Oh sorry America, what were you saying?"

"I was saying, I got up at like nine this morning-"

"Why on Earth are you acting so weird today? You never get up that early!" It was killing you to not know what was going on.

"Just listen will ya! I went and got you these! I remembered you say how they were your favourite flower!" He said, springing a wonderful bundle of [insert favourite flower] at you. You gasped, blushing. They were beautiful.

He continued on, "Each flower represents every month we've spent together as a couple."

You counted the flowers. There were exactly 24. You had been with America for two years now. Maybe that's why he was acting so nice today, it was your anniversary of becoming a couple.

"T-thank you America... I should've gotten you something..." You said, a little sad you hadn't thought of anything special.

America's smile beamed, "No way! You're all I need!"

America really didn't have an evil bone in his body. The only time you'd ever seen his rage is when a drunk guy tried kissing and groping you, America simply wouldn't have it. Would have killed the man, had you not stopped him.

All of a sudden Britain, America's brother walked up.

"Hello ___, and America. How are you two today?" He asked politely. Why he was being nice to America, you didn't know.

America flashed him a worried glance, and Arthur winked at him. Now you knew something was up.

"I-I'm fine Arthur, thanks." You replied.

"Yeah dude totally having a great day!" America said honestly, his lips still spread upwards.

"Wonderful. Hey America, would you mind if I spoke to you for a moment?" Britain asked.

"Not at all dude, whatcha need?"

"Come with me." Britain said, walking away from your table.

America stood up, kissing you on the forehead. "I'll be right back, babe, don't go anywhere." He winked at you before walking away, following the Brit.

A few awkward minutes went by, things that they could be speaking about racing through your head. What in the name of Russia's non-existent soul could they be talking about? You wondered.
Finally the two returned. They'd only been gone long enough for you to finish the rest of your food.

"Where'd you two go off to?" You asked.

"Oh, Britain just needed help," He glanced at the Brit, "you know, he was having problems with his car and wanted some help."

"Well that was pretty fast." You added, suspicious.

"You know this idiot, he can't figure out the simplest pro-" America was cut off by a pound to the head. It wasn't too hard, which again, wasn't normal.

"Well anyway, ___, it was nice seeing you. I'll see you later, perhaps!" He smiled, walking away swiftly.

After he was gone, you spoke up, "So what are you doing?"

"Huh? Um, eating?" He said, putting a large piece of steak in his mouth.

"No, I mean what are you planning?" You said quizzically.

"I'm not planning anything!" He said, but you noticed he'd started sweating a little. You decided it was best not to pry.

"Well anyway, what're we doing after this?" You asked.

All he did was smile brightly and quickly finish his food. He jumped up and took your hand, pulling you up as well. He pretty much dragged you, almost literally, to the spot you two were at earlier, where he said 'one of the best moments of his life' or something would happen. This time, though, he walked you through the trees. It was starting to get dark, and you started getting a little worried.

"America, should we be here?" You asked.

"Of course!" He smiled, watching a few fireflies circle the air.
He stopped a moment and watch the two.

"Hey, they're just like us! I bet they promised never to leave each other..." He said thoughtfully, a small, sweet smile on his face.

You watched as they seemingly floated away into the auburn sky, it would be sunset very soon. With that, America pulled you quickly up a small hill with no trees on it, sitting on the very top. You looked up to see the sun just about to hit the mountains perfectly.

You were watching happily- until America suddenly kissed you out of nowhere.

"America?" You questioned after he pulled away. All he did was smile.

"___... My beautiful firefly..." He said, making reference to the small illuminated bugs you'd seen flying earlier, "I have an important question..."

Not know what else to say, you just replied with a simple, "Yes, my hero?"

He chuckled lightly, then got on one knee. Your heart nearly stopped.

"___ ___," He said, using your full name, "please... Will you be my wife?"

He opened a small box with a beautiful ring made of silver with two real [insert favourite gem here] on it. On the inside of the ring were words saying 'America and ____'. You started crying, you were lost for words. All you could do was nod, throwing your arms around his neck, hugging him tightly.

He let out a breath of relief. "T-thank you... So much... I promise to be the best husband ever..." He pulled you back and took your hand, placing the ring on your finger, "With this I promise to love you forever..."

He kissed your sweetly and hugged you close. You could see the most amazing sunset through your teary eyes.
This was the continuation of your ever lasting love for one another.

~...Always a hero~

~~Extended ending

"Ze' are so cute together!" Francis weeped.
"Shut it you bloody git they might hear us!" Arthur scolded the Frenchman, wiping a tear from his own eye.
"Our little ___ iz growing up, it seemz..." Germany said, trying his best not to cry at the seen.
"I'm not'a ready to let ___ grow'a up!!" Italy cried.
"She's finarry getting married... I am so proud of her..." Japan said quietly.

"Um... America...?" You said, pulling away, wiping a tear from your eye.
"Yes, my beautiful fiance?" He replied.
You blushed, but looked over at the bushes where various sobbing noises could be heard. "Why are they all here...?"
"...No way, don't tell me they followed us!" America facepalmed.
You laughed at his reaction, kissing him sweetly.
(Just so you know, I picture America living in more of a rural place instead of like New York or something =w=)
I'll check for errors tomorrow, it's late and I have school ;w;
Hope you enjoy!~

Part one- [link]
Part two- [link]
Part three- Warning; Lemon! [link]
Part four- you're here!
Part 5 (FINAL)- [link]

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story (c) me
You (c) :iconsexyamericaplz:
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