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I hate when we watch horror movies! You thought, as you walked closer to America's house.

He had invited you over to watch movies with you and sleep over, which you two didn't mind, it was normal. You'd been friends ever since you were little kids, and always had spent as much time as possible together. But sometimes America would want to watch movies with you, and out of every time he suggested watching one, only twice have they not been horror. He made you watch Star Wars, which you liked, and The Gray, which you ranted through the entire time because of it being a movie based on seeing how many ways a human could die in the wilderness. Anyway, you didn't like horror movies not because of the gore or the screaming or dying, but because America would always turn the lights off when you watched them. You were deathly afraid of the dark and whatever evil it held. You never told America though, you didn't want him to laugh at you.

Finally you reached the steps of the blonde's house, knocking on the door exactly four times in a pattern. The both of you had decided on this way of knocking so the other knew who was at the door. He opened the door quickly, immediately glomping you, nearly knocking you over.

"___! YOU'RE FINALLY HERE! Dude I thought you'd never come!!!" He practically yelled into your ear, causing you to squirm from his grip.

"America, you only called me about ten minutes ago! Geez!" You replied, giving a small giggle at his impatience.

"Ten minutes is a long time!" He said, pushing you inside and closing the door, "Let's watch the movie already, man, I already got it all set up and popcorn and EVERYTHING!"

He pushed you to the couch, ordering you to sit down while he went to get the popcorn and drinks. You picked up the DVD case laying on the table to see what exactly you'd be forced to watch. Night of the Vampire Wizards... Yep, that's America for ya. You gave a small laugh, thinking of how cheesy he could be. You placed the case back onto the table and sat back, watching as America reentered the room, carrying everything.

"If you were to drop that, Id laugh." You said,chuckling lightly.

"Don't tempt me, I'm losing my grip already!" America smiled.

He placed the items on the table and looked at the light switch, then back at you.

"You ready for a totally awesome and scary movie?!" He yelped, obviously excited, as usual.

"Yeah- about that... Can you leave the lights on, just this once...?" You said quietly, hoping he wouldn't question it. But, of course, he had to ask.

"What? Why?? It totally adds to the ambimance!" He said, messing up the last word.

"You mean ambience, America." You laughed.

"Whatever! Just answer my question!"

"W-well," you stuttered, "I just... Um..."

"Wait, don't tell me your afraid of the dark! Is that why you always act so skittish until the lights are back on???" He asked loudly.

"Oh shut up!" You said, face turning red from embarrassment.

"____, you could have just told me, dude. I'm totally afraid of the dark too! Just not as much as you are, I guess!" He proceeded to the light switch, flipping it off.

You picked your legs up off the ground, setting them on the couch, afraid you'd be grabbed by, who knows, demons or something. "What the hell America, why'd you still turn them off?!"

"Duh, I'll protect you, babe!" He said, smiling brightly, which you could still see even though it was pretty dark, since the TV illuminated the room.

You immediately had a strong blush on your face, hearing what he had called you. You opened your mouth to reply, but nothing came out, so you just shut it again and looked at the TV. America walked over and picked up at the remote, then looked at the couch, which your legs were taking up the entire space that was left.

"A-hem!" America faked clearing his throat, want you to move.

"Hey, you turned the lights off." You shrugged.

"Fine then, be like that!"

"Alright, I will!" You spat, smirking.

America gave a small glare, but soon enough his bright blue eyes glittered again, brighter than before. "Well, guess I'll just make do!"

"You would'nt."

"I would."

"America, don't you dare!"

The blonde started sitting down, you moved your legs quickly so he wouldn't land on them. I mean really, with Mc Donalds pretty much his only diet, who knows how much he weighs!

"Jerk..." You glared.

"Oh, quit being so dramatic," he said, picking your legs up and laying them across his lap, "there, just the same as before, you big baby!"

This made you blush a bit, but you laughed. For some reason you could never get over how weird he always acted.

He clicked the play button on the remote, and thus, started the horribly cheesy movie. Though it was more funny than scary, there were several jumpscares that made you flinch, while America did his best to cover his eyes most of the time.
Right when the movie was about to get to the best part, where the Wizard killed a witch and was about to get a kiss from a maiden he had saved, the power went out.
You squeaked in fear of the pitch black room, quickly changing positions on the couch to firmly cling onto America. Through the darkness, you heard him give a small laugh.

"W-what are you laughing at?!" You stuttered.

"You. You're pretty cute when you're scared, you know that? Geez, watching you turn from zombie-killing, video-game-loving, hardcore chick to a scared and clingy one is hilarious!" He laughed.

You wanted to hit him but were to afraid to let go, "Shut up, jerk!- Wait, what?" You blinked, realizing he had just called you 'cute'. "I am NOT cute! What the heck are you talking about?!"

Little did you know, America was purposely trying to get you into a conversation to keep you from thinking about the dark, but this wasn't the conversation he wanted. He had started liking you from the first moment you were best friends, and every time he saw you his feelings grew more and more.

"U-uh, well, I should probably go get a candle or some-"

You cut him off quickly, "No way in hell are you leaving me alone!"

He gave a small laugh. "Fine, guess you're coming with me, then."

Before you could question him, he picked you up princess (or bridal) style. You were too shocked to say anything, which made him bite his lip to keep from laughing at your barely visible face. Carefully, he started walking to his room, knowing there was a candle in the bathroom. Luckily his eyes had adjusted to the dark pretty quickly, so he didn't trip.
America set you down on his bed and tried unhooking your arms from his neck, but you had a death grip.

"Don't make me let go! It's so dark!" You yelped, obviously afraid.

"Calm down, babe, I just need to grab the candle from the bathroom," you released him when he called you that name again, "I'll be back in two seconds."

You sat quietly shaking on the bed for the few seconds he was gone, until you saw a small light flicker and America's blue eyes shining.

He sat next to with the bright candle, "See? Two seconds!"

You gave a small laugh, still shaking a bit.

"Dude, you're shaking..." He said, noticing. He put his arm around you, pulling you close to his warm body. "Don't worry, the hero is here to protect you!"

"Hero? Oh, not this again, America... But... By the way... Why do you keep calling me... that?" You questioned.

"What? What do you mean?" He asked honestly, having no idea what you meant.

Maybe he just called all the girls he knew that... But I've never heard him say it... You thought.

"W-well, you keep calling me 'babe'. Is that something you normally call girls? You asked shyly.

"Haha, no way man! You're totally the only one I'd ever call that, I totally love you!" His blue eyes widened at what he'd just said, slapping a hand over his mouth.

You blinked blankly for a minute, listening to America try covering up.

"I-I mean! Uh! S-so whatcha been up t-to lately??? M-man some kind of weird stuff with the power g-going out huh??? W-wonder why it-"

He was cut off from your laughing. America cocked his head, giving you a questioning look. He was obviously confused by your sudden outburst of giggling.

"America, out of all the ways you could have told me you loved me, you chose to do it on accident? Nice going, babe." You said, ruffling his messy hair and using the name he'd called you.

He blushed insanely, looking away to hide it.

"I-I'm sorry, I k-know you don't like me back... I just... It slipped..." He said, stuttering madly.

"America look at me." You said, still smiling. He turned his head shyly to you, avoiding eye contact. "At me!" You repeated, making him look up from the bed. "Good! Now, what do you mean you love me?" You asked, mentally slapping yourself for making it sound more stupid than you meant.

"I-I mean like, you're totally beautiful and totally kick ass at games and you're really smart and really, like REALLY cool, and I've liked you since I met you and now every time I see you I just feel my heart beat fast and I just- I love you, __. like REALLY love you!"
By now he was blushing like mad, and tearing up. He really thought you didn't like him back?

"America..." You murmured, kissing a tear away from his cheek. This caught him off guard, making him freeze up a bit.

You cuddled into his chest, which was quite comfortable, waiting until he could collect himself.

After a few moments, he spoke up, "Hey ___...?"

"Yeah America?" You replied, still taking in his sweet scent of the cologne he was wearing.

"We never got to finish the movie..." He smiled.

"And that relates... How?"

"Well... We were at the part... Where the hero gets to kiss the girl he saved..."

"Continue..." You said, knowing where this was going.

"I was thinking... I did save you from having to be home alone with no lights on, then saved you here with the candle-"

"America, just kiss me, would you?" You said, knowing exactly what he was saying.

"Thanks, babe..." He said, tilting your chin up, catching note of your blush.

America kissed you softly, pulling you so close there was no air between the two of you. He slowly and carefully moved his lips, it being his and your first time ever kissing.
After a few minutes and you running dangerously low on air, you pulled apart, a wide smile on America's face.

Just then, the lights flickered on.

"Well then, that's enough of a sign for me!" America laughed.

"What do you mean?" You asked, confused.

"The lights turned on just after we kissed, that means you'll be the best girlfriend anyone could ever have, but only I will ever have!"

"Woah, slow down, pal. I never agreed to being your girlfriend; you never asked!" You smirked, making him throw you a small glare.

"Not funny, ___!" He huffed, blushing a little, "...Will you please be my girlfriend?"

"Duh! Did you seriously need to ask?" You laughed, America joining in.

"So, since we ruined the movie moment, what now?" You asked innocently.

America smiled sweetly, kissing you sweetly on the lips.

Maybe the dark isn't so bad...

~~~~Extended ending

"Hm?" He said, looking down at you.
"I thought you were scared of the dark..."
"Not when you're around, I have to be strong for you!"
"You really are my hero..."

Sorry about the beginning, I was terribly confused how to start it! At least it gets better after a while~

Hope you enjoy!

Part one- You're here!~
Part two- [link]
Part three- Warning; Lemon! [link]
Part four- [link]
Part five (FINAL)- [link]

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story (c) me
You (c) :iconsexyamericaplz:
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