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March 30, 2013
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~Love is like a big present...

It was your favourite day of the week; Friday. Tonight you were supposed to go to your best friend England's house for movie night, just like always. You'd been friends for roughly eight years, maybe a bit longer. He was always there for you when you needed him.

You had started to take a liking to your old friend, who knows the reason. There was just something about him that made you... Happy. You collected your items and checked how you looked in the mirror one more time, then walked downstairs and outside, being sure to lock the door behind you. After a few minutes of walking, you got to England's house and knocked on the door in a certain pattern; the two of you had come up with it as a way to know who was at the door. You could hear a little bit of commotion, then a loud 'bump' from inside. A few moments later England opened the door, rubbing his head with a small grimace on his face.

"Did you trip, Iggy?" You asked, giggling a small bit.

"W-well, maybe..." He replied, blushing a bit from embarrassment.

You laughed, then pushed your way past him to see his brother, America, sitting on the couch. You were friends with him, too, and you often poked at him for fun.

"Hey loser, how's the weight problem?" You joked.

"Shut up ___! I'm not freaking fat! Plus you know you want this!" America said, sticking his tongue out like a child.

"As if ___ would ever want a slob like you..." England said a little above a whisper.

"Jealous!~" America sang, jumping up and starting to walk to his room, "Have fun with your little movie date, you two!"

"W-we are not dating!" England yelled as America ran from the room, his signature laugh filling the air.

You chuckled, while England sighed and apologized for his brother's "rude and uncalled for" behavior. You shrugged it off, and you two began your movie night, having popcorn, a few sweets, and your favourite creepy movie on. Sure, you were using it as an excuse to get closer to England, but at least it worked. During a jumpscare, you hugged him tight, nuzzling your face into his chest. At first all he could do was silently panic, not knowing what to do. After a moment he calmed down though, and wrapped his arms firmly around you, causing the both of you to blush.
Much to your distaste, America slid in at the right moment and dumped water on the both of you. You jumped up quickly, knowing England would immediately go after the blonde, which he did.

"America you idiot, why did you do that?!" England yelled, chasing America with the closest thing he could grab; a broom.

America just laughed and continued running from his brother. You giggled, watching the two. You decided to change out of your soaked clothes, and you knew England wouldn't mind if you borrowed some of his clothes. You walked to his room, the two running past you on the way, then back behind you to the living room. Entering England's room, you shut the door and grabbed a blue shirt and one of England's British flag boxers, since on you they were more like baggy shorts. Coming back out, America nearly ran into you, but instead spun and fell down next to you. England also stopped just in time, but ended up only inches away in front of you. He instantly turned red and backed up, looking away.

"S-sorry..." He said, still not looking in your direction.

"It's fine! Oh, I hope you don't mind, I borrowed some of your clothes since mine are wet." You smiled.

England looked back at you, then blushed even worse.
She looks adorable, and... Bloody hell she looks good... England thought to himself. After he finished staring at you while you asked America if he was alright, he looked at the American.

"D-don't do that again, got it?" England stuttered.

America smirked, knowing why England was acting weird, "Yeah, sure, no problem." He winked and jumped up, walking to his room whistling a tune ((The one like "(name and (name) sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g~")).

"Well, anyway, you want to change real quick? You're still drenched." You asked.

"S-sure. Just wait for me in the living room, yeah?" England replied.

You nodded, going back and sitting on the couch. Soon England came back in a normal shirt and shorts. You had to admit, he still looked super cute. He sat next to you, putting an arm on the couch behind you.

"What are you staring at, love?" He asked, catching your gaze.

"H-heh sorry, I was just thinking..." You said, not realizing you were staring at him.

"Thinking about...?" England asked. He never let you reply that way, you tried to often, but he always pried.

You shrugged, pressing play on the movie again, trying to ignore him. England wouldn't stop looking at you though. He hated when you answered him like that, then tried to ignore him like he hadn't said a thing. He always wanted your attention, it made him angry when you would talk to other guys and completely ignore him, even when he walked away. He didn't want you to know he liked you because you'd been friends for so long, he was sure you'd thought of him more as a brother.
England sighed, putting his arms behind his head and staring up at the ceiling. What could he do? He was trapped in a corner, either tell you and likely be shot down, or not tell you and never have the chance.
You noticed England looked a little stressed, but you didn't know why. He normally told you everything.

"You alright Iggy?" You asked, looking up at him with a small pout.

"...I'm fine, I suppose..." He replied, still watching the ceiling.

You cocked your head, raising an eyebrow, "You know you can tell me anything..."

England flinched a small bit, thinking for a moment. "...I know, love."

This is pretty unusual... What do I do...? You thought. "Um... I can leave if you need me to, I can come back whenever..." You said, unsure of how he''d respond.

England looked at you a little shocked, he didn't want you to think he didn't want you there. He carefully wrapped his arms around you, hugging you close. He rested his chin on your head while you returned the hug, still confused.

"...Iggy?" You said after a minute, noticing his breath had gotten a bit unsteady. "Are you... Crying?"

England only hugged you tighter as a response. You were probably the only person he'd ever cry around, most of the time he just kept his feelings hidden. You'd always been there for him, though. Just like he'd always been there for you.

"Please don't cry, I don't know why you are, but don't... I hate when you cry..." You told him, pulling away to see his face. He looked at you with sad, watery eyes. You wiped away his tears, smiling softly. "You look a lot better when you smile, you know..."

England gave a small smile, rubbing his eyes and taking a deep breath, then turning his gaze down at the couch.

"You going to tell me what's wrong now?" You asked, but gently, seeing as he still wasn't completely calmed down. England took your hand in both his, pressing the top to his lips. You were a little stunned, but didn't move away. He let go of your hand and glanced at you, biting his lip.

"I-I... How... How do you view me?" He asked with uncertainty in his voice.

You smiled, "Well, you're the best friend anyone could ever have, and I'm lucky to have you around. You're a real gentleman but you stand up for those who need help. For that, you're an amazing guy..." You trailed off into thought.

England pressed his forehead to yours, looking directly into yours eyes. You blushed, not knowing what to do.

"You're beautiful and very charming, you know that...?" He said quietly.

You didn't respond, still a bit flustered. England started getting a bit worried, but had finally worked up a bit of courage, he couldn't stop where he was now, "I'll never leave you, I promise to always protect you... Even if you don't want me around... I-I... I love you, ___..." He kissed your cheek, then pulled away, afraid you'd slap or yell at him, which in reality you'd never do.

You sat still for a moment, unable to move. Did that... Really just happen? You asked yourself. You shook your head to focus again, then hugged England tightly.

"D-don't tell me you're joking, Iggy..." You stuttered, still in disbelief.

"I'd never lie to you, love..." He replied, running his fingers through your hair.

"W-well, am I dreaming?" You asked.

England chuckled, then poked your side, which is where he knew you were ticklish, making you laugh and pull away. "It's not a dream, poppet." He smiled, pulling you into his lap. "But you never told me, do you like me too...?"

You shook your head, "Nope, of course not!" You kissed his cheek, "I love you..."

England smiled widely and tilted your face up to him. "Honestly I've always wanted to kiss you..."

"Well, what are you waiting for...?" You replied, a little surprised.

He simply chuckled, then kissed you passionately. You never thought England was the romantic type of guy, but hell, he was a great kisser. You hugged him tightly, melting into the kiss. You could feel him smirk, knowing you were enjoying it. England pulled away, looking into your eyes.

"You're mine, got it? No one else's... I am a bit selfish, you know..." He said, holding you close.

"Alright, I'm all yours, Captain Kirkland..." You chuckled, referring to his pirate past.

He smirked again, giving you a quick kiss on the lips, "Cute... Kind of like you are." He winked.
Oh yeah, this was going to be a really good relationship.

Extended ending:

"Oh, hey Iggy, you still need to tell me why you were crying." You said, looking up at him.
"I didn't think that you liked- well, loved me... I was afraid to tell you, to say the least..." He replied.
"You know I'll never let you live that down, right?"
He chuckled, "Yes love, I was expecting you to say that..."

"I KNEW YOU GUYS WERE DATING!!!" America yelled, flailing and taking pictures.
"This is going to be a loooong night..." You smiled, watching England try to steal the camera away from America.

...It always has a surprise~
Finally got this done... Sorry it sucks, I needed to rush, since tomorrow is Easter and I have to get up early... Sorry!
Hope you still kind of enjoyed it ;w;;
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