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February 20, 2013
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Not long ago you'd been forced to join the Akatsuki. It wasn't because you were weak, not because you couldn't take on the Akats, but because they had threatened your brother. You'd always watched out for him, so when the two bums you now know as Kisame and Itachi came and decided to use you for target practice and saw how good you were, they thought you'd be a good recruit and threatened to send someone to kill your brother. You could protect him, but not forever, so you just went with it. It's been two months now, and you've grown to like some Akats more than others, Itachi especially. He became your sempai when you joined, and you two have been a tough team ever since.

~Flashback to first day of joining

"My name's Itachi." Itachi said, showing no emotion.

"Does it look like I care?" You spat, keeping your tough attitude. In all honesty you thought Itachi was pretty attractive, but he'd threatened your brother, so you were having mixed feelings about him.

Itachi simply kept his cool, not reacting at all to your sharpness. He simply turned to walk away, stating something that strangely made you feel fuzzy, "I've decided you and I will be a team. No one is to bother you. If they do, tell me and I shall deal with them."

You stood there a bit flustered, not knowing how to take what he said. Soon you shrugged it off, trying to forget about it.

~End flashback

You were snapped from your thoughts by the raven haired boy you'd just been thinking about. He lightly tapped your shoulder, causing you to start a little.
"W-wha? Oh, hey Itachi." You said, looking up at him from the spot you were sitting on a rock.

"You should be inside with us eating. Why are you out here alone?" He asked, sounding a tad concerned, if it was possible.

"I was just thinking about something, that's all..." You said. Lately you'd been feeling odd around Itachi, and you couldn't place why.

"Why don't we go for a walk, maybe you could tell me what you were thinking while we're at it." He said, more demanding you than asking you, but you didn't mind.

Itachi held out his hand, which you gladly accepted. He helped you up, then started walking, releasing your hand again. You followed next to him, staring at the ground, still in thought. Before you knew it you two had silently walked pretty far, before you finally snapped out of your concentration.

"Woah, how far have we walked?" You asked, absent mindedly.

"We've been walking about ten minutes or so. You seemed focused, so I decided against bothering you." Itachi replied.

      You stopped walking, looking at Itachi. You wondered what made you feel so odd about being around him, and it was starting to bug you. He turned to you, giving you a small smile. You never saw him smile around any of the Akatsuki, but often he would start a conversation with you while you were alone, which he seemed to like, since he smiled often when with only you. This fact also bugged you.

"Itachi, I'm really confused... Why do you only smile around me?" You asked innocently, cocking your head.

       His slight smile hadn't faded, as he replied as if it was clear as day, "Because being around you makes me happy."

       You felt heat rise in your cheeks at this, normally your rough and tough attitude kept you from getting shy, but Itachi had his ways. You locked your gaze on the ground, biting your lip. You were starting to understand that you actually liked Itachi, the man who threatened to hurt your sibling. Oddly enough, you didn't really mind joining the Akatsuki, and you enjoyed being Itachi's teammate.

Itachi suddenly did something you never would have thought he would. He hugged you lightly, a little afraid of how you'd react. To his surprise, you hugged back tightly, happy with his warm embrace.

"H-hey Itachi...?" You squeaked, mentally slapping yourself for sounding stupid.

"Sh, there's something I need to tell you..." He said, pulling away slightly to look into your eyes.

You looked at him confused. Itachi moved a (h/c) lock from your face, making you blush. Before you knew it, you felt something soft and warm on your lips. You felt your heart flutter, as you excitedly kissed back. Itachi lightly chuckled, feeling your enthusiasm. He pulled you closer to deepen the kiss, giving more passion. After a minute you broke for air, much to your dismay.

"So you feel the same?" He asked, sounding innocent for once.

You giggled and nodded, giving him a quick kiss on the lips. He smirked a bit, closing the space between your chests.

"Then you're mine, got it?" He said huskily.

"Yes, Itachi-kun..." You replied before he caught your lips again.

~~Extended endinig~~

"HA! I got it on camera!!!" Hidan whispered to Tobi and Deidara, who were helping him catch you two alone and 'in the act'.

Suddenly Deidara looked fearful, and Tobi quietly whimpered, looking just above Hidan.

"What?" He asked, confused.

"Hey bastard, what do you think you're doing?" You said, smirking from behind Itachi, who had snuck up behind the white haired male.

"I- uh- hey Itachi and __! Eh-heh! I just... Uh..." Hidan stuttered before Itachi cut him off by crushing the camera.

"Well there goes my fifty-dollar bet with Kakuzu..." Hidan sulked.

"Now stay away from my girl, or next that will be your head." Itachi stated, tossing the crumpled metal at Hidan's head.
Request from a very patient and amazing :iconbluefur101: for her best friend .u.
I'm so sorry this took so long, it's so crappy too :icondragonweepplz: I hope you can forgive me ;w; Also sorry if Itachi's character is off, I haven't watched much Naruto with him in it .-.; So yeah... Hope you didn't hate this read~
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