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"All of the others in the team are gone... I might as well go on a mission for some money." Pein said to himself, bored.

He chose a mission, and started on his way. It was simple, really, just a search and destroy mission. Little did he know, he would be against someone he'd rather not.

Pein looked around from his treetop perch. The person he was looking for was last seen walking in the forest. He searched around, finally spotting his target. He was a tall young man, looking to be from the leaf village.
Pein dropped down onto the forest floor, sneaking skillfully closer. Finally he grabbed the young boy, putting a kunai to his throat, before-

"BROTHER!" You screamed, making hand signs quickly, your jutsu throwing Pein away from your beloved sibling.

Pein collected himself quickly, brushing off the small attack. He looked at you, standing protectively in front of your confused brother. He recognized you almost immediately. You were one of the well known leaf ninja, one of the best, really. Pein felt a bit of respect towards your for this, but he needed to get around you and kill who he now knows is your brother. It would be more of a challenge than he expected... But gosh, did he think you were beautiful.

"Leave my brother alone." You said sharply, being his older sister and the only one left in the family that could protect him.

"So you're the famous ___," Pein stated, "how nice to meet you. I'm Pein of the Akatsuki."

"All I care about is the fact you're after my brother. Just leave him alone!" You yelled, hands up, ready to make hand signs.

Pein had two choices. Battle you, or leave and make you happy. Of course, he wanted to choose to battle.

"...I'll leave your brother alone. If you join the Akatsuki." Pein said, smirking a little. He had ways to kill without having to directly battle.

You thought this over for a moment. You knew he was tricky, he was an Akat, but also that your brother was in danger if you didn't go.

"___, don't do it, I'll be fi-" You cut your brother off, "I'll do it, if you promise his safety from EVERYTHING."

Pein's smirk grew. "Fine. It's a deal. Come with me."

You wished he wasn't so hasty, but you decided it was worth it if it meant your brother would be safe. Quickly, you collected a few weapons and kissed your brother's forehead, promising to visit often. He was old enough to take care of himself, but you felt so responsible for him.

You followed Pein, silently following him back to the Akatsuki base. For someone so conniving you couldn't help but admire Pein's strong appearance.
No no no, I can't think anything good of him... He's a jerk, a power-crazed weirdo... You repeated in your mind, trying not to think of him in a kind way. He took you from your brother, though he DID offer protection...
You were pulled from your thoughts as Pein pushed you back, knocking you out of the way of three incoming kunai.

"Focus, will you? You could've been hurt." Pein half-heartedly scolded, turning his attention back to the one who tried harming you. It was a sound ninja, along with two others.

"You're on our domain." One said, raising his sword.

Pein gave a snuff, muttering 'ridiculous' to himself. Suddenly he watched one of the three fall back, and drop dead, a throwing star in his chest. Pein looked back at you.

"Oh, did I interrupt something?" You smiled brightly, proud of your expert mark. You were pretty efficient in hitting your targets dead on. (*shot*)

Pein smirked, then turned, flinging a kunai and taking out another. Apparently you weren't the only one with good aim. The final started freaking out and tried to run, but Pein easily took him out, using a simple hand sign.
I suppose he's a little impressive... You thought, mentally slapping yourself for thinking good things about him again.

Eventually the two of you made it to the hideout, where you met a very sadistic and odd guy named Hidan and a weird giddy boy named Tobi, who's mask looked like an orange lollipop...

"You'll be staying in my room with me." Pein said, trying his best not to laugh at your reaction.

"W-what?! What's that supposed to mean?!" You yelled.

"You'll get your own bed, and I'm rarely in there, don't worry." He said, knowing you'd want privacy, especially after practically being forced to join the Akatsuki.

You sighed, giving up. This was a new fate you'd just have to accept, for your brother's sake.


"Hey Pein...?" You asked your somewhat-new sempai. The two of you had been a team for about a month now.


"Why did you want me to join the Akatsuki in the first place?"

"....Well, I'd heard you were the strongest in leaf. I've seen you on wanted posters around bandit camps." He said, a bit hesitantly, as if thinking of something else.

"That's it? Just for my skill?" You asked, purposely sounding a little disappointed.

Pein thought quietly for a moment, stopping walking, since you two were heading for the training grounds, as you did every other day.

"...Well, I was hoping you wouldn't hate me." He said, not making much sense.

You walked in front of him, looking into his eyes. "What does that mean?"

You saw a light blush rise to his cheeks, which surprised you. Never would you have thought that Pein would blush. Something was definitely wrong.

"Pein? Are you actually BLUSHING?" You asked, unable to comprehend it.

"N-no. You're just seeing things." He said, a little aggressively. He tried walking again, but you stopped him with your hand, not moving.

"Hey now, don't get angry, I didn't say anything bad."

He looked away, almost as if he were shy. Suddenly you wondered about how he really felt towards you. Over the past few missions you've been on he's grown progressively protective of you.

"Pein?" You lightly turned his head toward you, a little afraid he'd push away, but he didn't.

"...At first you were just a recruitment, someone who was a powerful addition to the team... But after getting to know you... I feel a need to protect you..." He said, a bit quiet.

He was acting very odd. He normally was never shy and just straight forward. You simply smiled, your hand now cupping the side of his face, your thumb lightly stroking his cheek. He pressed his face into your hand, obviously not minding.

"I joined the Akatsuki for my brother's safety, now I think... I'll be staying for you..." You said quietly, more to yourself than to Pein.

He tilted your chin upwards slightly, you being shorter than him. He lightly pressed his lips to yours. You were surprised he wasn't rough, but then again, this was more of a sweet moment. Speaking of which, the taste of his lips was like candy for some reason instead of metallic, which you expected.

After pulling away from the need of air, Pein smiled kindly.

"Thank you." He said, his arms around you protectively.

"For what?" You asked, wrapping your arms around his neck.

"For confirming my feelings for you..." He said, kissing you quickly on the lips.

You smiled. Now how am I supposed to go on dangerous missions?

"By the way, I'll be going with you on every mission from now on."

"Great..." You said, hugging Pein close.
Sorry about the "*Shot*" but I had to. Anyway, just a little short one .w. I need more requests~ Head to my page and comment some, yeah?

Request from :iconcolumbiasnow:
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Konan in her room

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Me: *Hugging Tobi*
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Me: *nods*
Tobi: soooooooooooooooooo... (y/n)-chan.. is tobi's new senpai?.. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! *super happy*
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I have accomplished another bit of the challenge!

Flying-Dutchmann Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I have challenged myself to read a ____x reader from Naruto, and reading Jiraiya's x reader story was creepy.....

btw, great story!
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inwardly thinking at the last part 'yay, no more lonely time -__- I like my lonely time with bob(my laptops name :D).I'LL MISS YOU LONELY TIME' "Great..."
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Phew, I was afraid I had made him seem too gentle or something @_@ I'm glad you liked it =D Thank you! ^w^
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"No no, he wasn't too gentle at all! I like how he was still moody and grumpy through most of thing! He didn't smirk much, but when he did I giggled! ^_^ It's great! I love it!! Thank you again and your welcome!"
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